Dan Klasing | Author

Dan Klasing is a writer and lawyer living in Birmingham, Alabama. After graduating from law school, Dan spent the next few decades arguing cases in tiny dilapidated courtrooms in the rural south and opulent federal courthouses in major cities. Along the way, he gathered a host of stories and personalities that found their way into his novels.

Dan first conceived the story that became The Cause after hearing rumors about an actual secret society that existed (or exists?) at a major southern university. Dan melds fact with fiction, and some near science fiction, to create a thrilling adventure that pits a grizzled FBI agent and four young but talented college students against a powerful conspiracy bent on controlling the country – and maybe even the world.

When he’s not challenging the good guys in his books with impenetrable secrets or perilous situations, Dan can usually be found challenging himself with his latest old car restoration or by trying to create the perfect pizza crust.

Book I – The Cause

Dr. Rick Donnelly, a brilliant physicist working at Area 51, discovers the secret to gravity wave propulsion and the creation of the most potent weapon since the atomic bomb. But when Donnelly steals the crucial technology from under the noses of the military and gives it to The Cause, he unleashes the potential for civil war. The Cause came together a hundred years ago, intending to tear four states from the union and form their own country in the American South. With the acquisition of an invulnerable gravity-wave aircraft, The Cause finally has the power to bring about the unthinkable. Standing in their way are FBI agent Frank Deal and his team of expert WMD hunters, along with a group of college students who have stumbled on the key to locating the crucial technology.

Book II – Wolf Deception

The Cause returns to manipulate the worldwide energy market. After two unsavory characters find a lost nuclear bomb off the coast of Georgia, The Cause obtains the weapon and will use it to close down one of the world’s most important sources of oil. The success of their plan hinges on a terrorist attack in Great Britain led by the infamous terrorist leader – The Wolf. At the invitation of the British government, Frank Deal arrives in England to stop the threat. Deal once again enlists the help of the college students to infiltrate a suspected terrorist cell operating from within Oxford University. With the entire global economy hanging in the balance, Deal and his talented but unusual team must not only stop a deadly terrorist plot but unravel The Cause’s master plan. 

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